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Many clients are asking us these questions :

  • Why are you cheaper than other stores ?
  • Are products genuine ?
  • Why do I hear so much about you in good terms ? 
We are cheaper than other stores because of many reasons :
  • We cuts out the middle-man meaning that we are able to offer our customers convenience and great savings along with excellent customer service.
  • We are much less greedy than many stores :) Our margins are very reaonable.
  • We make money on volume and thanks to our clients, we do make a great volume of sales. 
  • We are not part of big fancy chain of stores, we are a family bussiness and therefore save a lot of costs on staff, rent, and many other costs that big stores have.
Our products are genuine and come with warranty :
  • Coming straight from manufacturers and authenticated suppliers all our products are in their original box.
  • Our products always have a 1 year warranty.
  • As the No.1 online store, we often get reviews in newspapers and online magazines and would never risk to put our reputation in jeopardy by selling any 2nd hand item or non-original item.
  • We are online since 2008 and still here, with us, no risk to have a store closing from one day to the next.
We are happy that you hear a lot about us we think it's for these reasons :
  • We deliver super-fast all over the New Zealand and internationally.
  • We offer 1 year warranty for all our products.
  • We offer 1 year Assistance & Support for all our products. 
  • We offer great prices and discounts all year long and always have the best price available on the market for you.


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