Are You An Android Owner?

Are you an Android Owner?

The divide between the Android and Apple users is slimming but there are still distinctions between the two that each one could do to better their systems.

Battery Life

Let’s face it, no androids battery life holds up to what the device itself is supposed to be capable of. The problem isn’t with the hardware. Google has made the efforts to optimize how the android system hits the battery but there’s been no progress.

Bluetooth Connectivity

So, yes, everything now is Bluetooth capable, but it’s known on android to be, not so reliable. While on Apple devices Bluetooth capable devices just show up on the status bar android requires you to go to the settings screen.

Device Setup

Google has also put in some effort to increase efficiency on how the apps install. For full device setup though it is a pain to get everything onto your device.


This is an android problem that is fed by the device makers themselves. Even after having a Galaxy for months I’m sure that you will still have more “Samsung” and Google apps on there that you don’t use than apps you use every day.

Update Times

It takes forever for Android to put out updates and then for each device manufacturer to decide to give the update the go ahead. By the time you get an update that makes a difference, there’s a new full version out.

Design and Appeal

Apple has achieved a level of functionality that requires physically less code to operate and look nice doing it. Many of androids apps do look nice however most of them don’t. Many of their apps don’t run as smoothly and are setup in less than efficient manners to achieve a better look. Android would greatly benefit from some upscaling in this aspect.

Device Wide Search Function

Have you ever tried to find a file you downloaded? It is impossible. Literally, is it in files? Is it in Folders? Will I have to open Google Docs and open in Downloads and then sort by most recent to find it? What if it’s not an editable file then Google is no help. A device-wide search should be expected, but android users apparently haven’t expressed this need enough to get attention.


Moving from one Android based device and trying to use Google services on other products is a struggle. The docs aren’t always updated, Sheets are hard to get to, and the only thing that works really seamlessly is Gmail. Which Android counters with issues in the email department, each device having its separate email option and Gmail being available on every android device?

Fast Charging is still not Lightning

Yes, there are chargers available now that charge devices faster. This isn’t a standard for Androids yet and it’s hard to carry on from device to device. There is a lot that lightening offers to Apple devices that just doesn’t have a comparison in Android, but the big one is charging times.


Have you ever tried to get support on an android? Let me tell you, you will be referred to call: HTC, Samsung and Sony. And receive virtually no help either way.


Reasons To Hire Us For Your Gaming Console Repair Service

4 Reasons To Hire Us For Your Gaming Console Repair Service

As avid gamers ourselves, we try to get our gaming fix as much as we can! And we love all the gaming consoles available on the market today and try to get through as many gaming titles as we possibly can in our free time, which is why we totally get how frustrated it can be when your gaming console starts to act up or is broken. That’s time away from your favorite games and we can help minimize your gaming down time since we offer a variety of gaming console repair services.

Here are a few reasons why you need to hire us the next time your favorite gaming console is broken:

Friendly Service

You won’t get any attitude from us since we know how frustrating it can be to have your favorite gaming console be on the fritz and provide all of our clients the best customer service possible. Our clients love our friendly service so much that they come back to us not only for their gaming console problems, but for other things like broken MP3 players and digital cameras, as well as screen repairs for their phones. We fix it all and always provide unrivaled customer service.

Experienced Expert Technicians

We won’t let just anyone touch your gaming console since we only hire experienced technicians who are experts in what they do. We make sure to find only the most talented professionals who can fix anything, including your broken gaming console system. So you can easily rest assure that your device will be in good hands. It’s their competence that provides them with an edge over other technicians in Auckland and surrounding areas, which is why many only trust their gaming consoles to us!

 Exceptional Quality

Know that our technicians will go above and beyond to make sure that every gaming console that comes into our shop gets the care it deserves and we won’t give it back to you until we are completely satisfied that we fixed it. We understand that you paid a lot of money for you device, whether it’s a PlayStation or Xbox, and want to make sure that we get it back to working condition for you so that you can get back to playing your favorite game that much quicker. We take care of each device that we get and won’t stop trying to restore it back to working condition until it passes all of our rigorous testing. We also have cell phone repair services and laptop LCD screen repair for those who are clumsy and break stuff easily.

 Low Prices

Other repair shops charge a lot of these kinds of repairs, but not us! We offer reasonable pricing options and won’t try to take advantage of the fact that you’d probably spend anything just to have your favorite gaming console in working condition again. Whether it’s our gaming consoles or iPhone screen repair services, we offer great prices on all of our services.

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Hitech mobiles offers repairs on all sorts of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, ipads, laptops, gaming consoles and beyond. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of excellence and it’s an approach that’s resulted in many satisfied customers! But don’t take our word for it!Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about Hitech Mobiles.