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No Fix, No Pay iPhone Repair Auckland

One thing you definitely appreciate about a new smartphone is the design. The feel, the look, it’s practically beautiful; you want to keep it looking brand new as long as possible.

Some of us tend to get a bit bold, “we got this”, “we’re not going to drop the phone”, yadda… yadda… yadda.

But if you are like me accidents happened, rather it is a small nick on the corner of the casing, water damaged or the screen completely smashed, you wish had purchased that insurance to cover the repair of your smartphone.

Let me tell you a story.

I was going to the gas station and had my phone in my lap. When I hopped out my vehicle I completely forgot where my phone was until I heard it hit the concrete. Ever seen a grown man cry? It’s OK, you are not alone, the phone fell face first towards the concrete and all I can do was stand there, literally stuck while a thousand thoughts ran thru my head.

Why didn’t I put the phone in the passenger seat like I usually do? As I cursed myself I said a silent prayer, hoping the screen didn’t crack and picked up the phone.


It’s always something. I can’t even look at my phone the same. Before when I was at my desk I would have my phone with the screen facing me so I can see who’s calling and follow up on my notifications. Now it just sits in the corner, face down and I listen out for the ring.

I’m scared to do too many interactions with it because when I slide my finger across the screen it feels like i’m about to get cut.

Knowing I did not have had any insurance for the phone I decided to call my mobile phone provider with a smidgen of hope that the sales rep added insurance to my plan anyway since I was a new customer.

So I called and explained my situation and asked what would be my deductible for the replacement.

Representative: “Hold on while I check into that”

The replacement price was perfect, thought I was home free until she said I don’t see that the mobile phone replacement program has been added to your account.


I’m going to have to face the music. It’s either I go buy a new phone or get the screen replaced. The problem here is that I don’t have enough money for a new iPhone and mobile screen replacements can be a bit dodgy from what I here. You get your phone back and lose functionality or sensitivity.

While scrolling the web for iPhone repair Auckland I came across an Ad for Hitech Mobiles that said: “If we can’t fix it you don’t pay”. (Valid till March 31st)

I took a chance with Hitech, but i’m glad I did. The repair took around 25 min and the tech made it look so easy I felt like I could’ve done it.

But for the important stuff, my phone works a 100% and I think the call quality has actually gotten better because before I would have to almost yell for people to hear me clearly but now I can just speak in my regular tone.

iPhone Repair Pricing

Your Mobile Phone Repair and Unlocking Specialist

Your phone is an important device in life and many of us often feel lost when we leave it at home or when it’s broken. It’s almost as if we can’t function right since our entire lives our on our phones, including important numbers, schedule, lists and so much more, so when it’s broken, we don’t know what to do. Well now you do since you can easily come to us to fix your cell phone problems. We are the No. 1 smartphone repair shop in Auckland and offer our clients numerous benefits when coming to us for all their smartphone needs. Here are a few reasons why you should come to us the minute something is wrong with your cell phone:

Quality Service

We’re not the leading choice for cellphone repair in Auckland for no reason! Our clients keep coming back to us because they like the fact that we provide quality service and offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction with every job we complete. From smartphone screen repair to gaming console repair, we make sure that every job we complete is done the right way. We even offer a 60-day warranty on all of our jobs, so if there is any problem with your device after we fix it, you can bring it back to us without being charged again.

Various Services

When it comes to cell phone repair, we offer a variety of services, making us your one-stop repair shop in Auckland! We provide mobile screen repair for a variety of phones, including Galaxy S4 models and so many more, in addition to fixing any camera issues your smartphone might be having. We can even unlock your phone so that you can use it with different cellular providers if you want. Other issues we deal with include liquid damage treatment, battery issues, power problems, physically damaged phones, data recovery, and more. Just give us a call and let us know your problem and more than likely we can fix it.

Inexpensive Repairs

We understand that our clients are on budgets and we make sure that we price our services to fit within those budgets. Our prices are affordable and won’t cost a fortune. We are actually cheaper than many of our competitors because we take out the middleman and do everything at the shop. We believe cell phone repair should be affordable, which is why we have so many repeat customers.

Skilled Technicians

Any device that gets dropped off in our store is handled by a skilled and expert technician, who has years of experience working with a variety of devices. We only hire the best so rest assure that a knowledgeable and licensed professional will fix any and all problems that your cell phone might have.

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Check out what our customers had to say about Hitech Mobiles.

Hitech mobiles offers repairs on all sorts of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, ipads, laptops, gaming consoles and beyond. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of excellence and it’s an approach that’s resulted in many satisfied customers! But don’t take our word for it!Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about Hitech Mobiles.


Smartphones with Qualcomm processer have the best battery life

As we demand more from our devices, our devices demand more from their processors, which can quickly drain battery life. Thankfully, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are designed with battery life as a leading priority. See, Snapdragon processors don’t work harder– they work smarter because inside every chip there are multiple integrated engines designed to perform specific tasks at lightning speed, and then quickly return to a state of low power consumption.

Cracked LCD Replacement Service for Apple iphone 6 & 6 Plus

iphone-6-lcd-RepairWe have repaired iphone 6 with cracked LCD. We stock now LCD and other parts for Apple iphone 6 and 6 plus. So if you crack your LCd , we can fix it within couple of hours.

Please call in our Henderson store at 09-8376100 to check price and availability of parts. You can also book online repair at link below:


Apple ipad Cracked Touch Screen Repair from $99 Only


One drop face-down on a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked iPad glass, LCD, or worse. We understand that these situations happen, and we here at Hitech Mobiles are on your side. We’ll get your iPad repaired and back to you anywhere in the New Zealand, FAST.

For limited time we are running special for ipad cracked touch screen repair:

$99 ipad 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen & 4th Gen
$129 iPad Mini 1st Gen, iPad Mini 2nd Gen Retina, iPad Air 1st
$149 iPad Mini 3rd Gen

*Special Prices are available for online customers. Please mention “Online repair promotion” to get these price over the phone or in our stores. Deal ends 30/11/2015

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Fill your 24 Hr iPad Screen Repair Request online at
or give us a call at 0800 1 448324 to place your order over the phone.

Step 2: Once your order has been placed you will receive a confirmation email with your job/order number. Please check shipping instructions on packing your device in to us safely. We service EVERY address in the New Zealand

Step 3: After you have shipped your device accordingly, Hitech Mobiles will then receive your unit at our repair facility. Upon arrival you will receive an email to let you know it made it to our service center safely.

Step 4: Your iPad will be pre-tested and if any additional repairs are needed we will contact you immediately (we don’t perform any additional repairs without your approval). Then, one of our highly experienced technicians will replace the shattered glass with a brand new screen.

Step 5: We will email you invoice and payment instructions. The repaired iPad will then tested one more time at our Quality Assurance department to make sure everything is working properly after repair.

Step 6: Your repaired unit is shipped back to you same day after cleared payment.. You will receive an email with tracking information once your unit has been shipped so you know when to expect it.

From the time we receive your unit to the time it is shipped out is just about 1-2 business days. It is that easy. Hitech Mobiles has been servicing iPads across the New Zealand since 2008. So, the next time you need your iPod, Smartphone, iPad or Laptop serviced – call the experts at Hitech Mobiles.


We help schools and businesses repair iPad screen as well. We can fix your fleet of devices at a fraction of the cost of what others may charge. call 0800 1 448324 for more information.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Cracked Lcd Repair Service

Samsung i9505Quick service available to repair cracked / broken lcd for Samsung galaxy s4. We have part in stock now and it takes us 1 hour to replace lcd display screen. Service available in only our store in Henderson. Your mobile phone will be like brand new again after this repair. We will replace front glass, lcd and frame. No appointments necessary.

Please call our Henderson store at 09-8376100 to get latest price and availability of part.


Click on link below to submit repair online.



Mobile Phone Repair Service In New Zealand

Hitech Mobiles & More specialises in the repair of damaged or broken devices. Our technicians are experts at their trade and can quickly diagnose any fault or issue with your device and repair it quickly and effectively. We are also an authorised repairer for leading New Zealand insurance companies. Continue reading